NFF 2014 Election: Minister Won’t Interfere in Electoral Committee Work- Aide

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The Minister of Sports, Tammy Danagogo, has said that he would not interfere in the work of the Nigeria Football Federation Electoral Committee set up by ousted President Aminu Maigari and headed by Amoni Biambo.

Speaking through his Special Assistant Justice Joffa, the Sports Minister pointedly said he had no interest in any particular candidate.

Joffa, was reacting to media reports that some people were dropping the Minister’s name to deny some aspirants rights to pick nomination forms.

According to him, the fact that the Electoral Committee set up by Aminu Maigari is still carrying on with its assignment shows that government is not interfering in the process and would allow stakeholders to run their show.

Joffa, also contended that if the Electoral Committee fixed a particular date for close of nomination, the Sports Commission would not say it should be extended, adding that it is left to the electoral committee to decide.

He insisted further that election into the Executive Committee of the NFF is the show of those who run football and it should remain so. Anybody that wins that election, he said would be welcomed by the Sports Commission.
“The Minister of Sports is completely not involved in the process that will produce the next leadership of the NFF.

“He is however happy to work with any board the NFF congress in its wisdom elects.
“He is committed to move football and sports generally in Nigeria forward,” Joffa said.

Some aspirants who are interested in contesting but could not get nomination forms had on Friday raised the alarm, alleging that the Electoral Committee was being teleguided.

Prompt News investigation revealed that even the so called close allies of Maigari like Chris Green, Suleiman Yahaya- Kwande and Yusuf Ahmed ‘Fresh’ could not pick the nomination forms as at the time it closed on July 10.

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