NFF accuses Nwabufor Obienu of mischief

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The Nigeria Football Federation has blasted one-time Vice Chairman of then NFA, Barrister Richard Nwabufor Obienu over a recent statement that the money that would be spent by Nigeria in prosecuting the FIFA World Cup finals in Brazil is sheer waste.
nff“The statement was made in absolute bad faith and loaded with mischief. There are 31 other teams, apart from Nigeria, taking part in the 20th FIFA World Cup finals in Brazil and all of them will have sponsorship from their Governments.

“Scores of other countries spent money worth billions of naira trying to qualify for the finals but failed. So, to say that the money Nigeria is planning to spend on the Super Eagles in Brazil is a waste is sheer mischief,” NFF spokesman Ademola Olajire said in Abuja.

Nigeria, champions of Africa, will lead four other African countries to the finals in Brazil with high hopes and expectations back in the continent of one of them reaching at least the semi finals for the very first time.

“At this time that all 32 teams heading to Brazil are finalising their plans to have an excellent outing, only positive words and vibes from all stakeholders will work wonders for Nigeria.

“It is a pity that someone like Barrister Obienu, a former Vice Chairman of the nation’s football ruling body who was even Team Manager and traveled with the team far and wide, could utter such a statement.”

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