NFF Polls: Moves to scheme out Taiwo Ogunjobi will crash – South-West stakeholders

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With the unbanning of former Secretary General of the Nigeria Football Association (NFA), Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi, by the leadership of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), it is forgiven that he is qualified to contest the 2014 NFF election but fears have emerged that there are plans to sideline him.

A group known as the South-West Football Stakeholders under the leadership of Mr Samson Ajiberu lodged their

Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi
Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi

fears in a chat with online media platform, GongNews, saying some people are not comfortable with Chief Ogunjobi and are scheming hard for the Amoni Biambo electoral committee not to screen and pass him for the elections.

According to Ajiberu, “this is not yet proven but the fears are germane. They are afraid that if Chief Ogunjobi is cleared, he will dust all other candidates, so they are scheming to ensure he is not cleared.

The original reasons the Biambo committee gave for not clearing Chief Ogunjobi was because he did not show evidence that he has withdrawn the matter in which he dragged the NFF to the Court of Arbitration in Sports (CAS) which was why his ban was not lifted.

Now that he has withdrawn the matter in court and his ban has been lifted, why are they trying to fan new embers to cause disaffection in Nigerian football with the plans to scheme him out?

I hope we will not plant new seeds of discord that the nation’s football will be tending for another tenure. We believe the position we are today in not where we are supposed to be and this is why we are screaming on the roof top now before it becomes too late.

The most auspicious thing to do is for the Electoral Committee to respect the rule of engagement, screen Chief Ogunjobi along with the four people that had been given the privilege to be screened from the meeting of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation freely and fairly, anything short of this is going to be fatal for the game,” he said.

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