NFF proposes dissolution of Electoral, Appeals Committees

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The Executive Committee of Nigeria Football Federation announced on Wednesday that it would propose to the General Assembly, the dissolution of the NFF Electoral Committee and the NFF Electoral Appeals Committee put in place for the 2014 NFF Executive Committee elections.

Following a meeting at the NFF Secretariat in Abuja, the Executive Committee disclosed that it would call an Extra-Ordinary General Assembly of Nigeria football for Tuesday, 26th August, 2014 to ratify its proposals.

Acting 1st Vice President, Hon. Shehu Adamu said the electoral process has been, unfortunately, littered with avoidable flaws and deliberate disenfranchisement of eligible members of the Nigeria football family.

“Following from a statement by the Acting President which was made public eight days ago, in which the NFF said it was worried by the hitches and complaints and widespread criticisms of the process, we have discovered that nothing improved and it was rather allowed to get worse.

“The Electoral Committee has failed to satisfy the yearnings of the football family for a fairplay and credibility of the process. We are deeply disappointed at how people have been non-challantly disenfranchised.

In the interest of fairplay and based on our commitment to ensuring a credible election that will lift the name of our country, the NFF Executive Committee hereby proposes the dissolution of the Electoral and Electoral Appeals Committee to the Congress, which we are calling for Tuesday, 26th August, 2014.”

Adamu decried the lack of transparency in the entire process and assured that the NFF will consult with world football –governing body, FIFA and the General Assembly on a probable new date for the elections.

“As it is, we have to start the entire process afresh. In view of this, it will be impossible to hold the elections as earlier scheduled on Tuesday, 26th August, 2014. We will propose a new date for the General Assembly and consult with FIFA on this matter.

“As a result, the Electoral Committee and the Electoral Appeals Committee would have to step aside for now,” he said.

NFF Acting President, Chief Mike Umeh had on Tuesday last week decried the hitches and complaints, as well as widespread criticisms that had dogged the work of the Electoral Committee.

In that press statement eight days ago, Umeh had stated: “The litany of complaints and widespread condemnation has been deafening. The best legacy that this team can give to Nigeria football is a flawless electoral process leading to credible elections.

“We will look at the issues arising from the entire process and take a decision that will be in the best interest of, not only those bonafide members of the family who have been short-circuited, but also of the system.

“All persons eligible to purchase forms should be able to. It should be a level –playing field for all because we are keen on credible elections that will satisty the yearnings of Nigerian ball fans and make our country proud.”

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