NGO Plans 3-days International Summit in Kogi State

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The Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), SASAM Community development and Youth Empowerment initiative in collaboration with Kogi State Government set to hold 3-days international nutrition summit.

The NGO manager Mr Alexander Ochogwu said the international summit will be between June 3rd and 5th and is to reduce the scourge of malnutrition in children around the word.

He said the event will bring together all stakeholders and professionals in the field of nutrition to deliberate and create awareness on the issue.

Ochogwu said the NGO has made Osun State the land mark and is to fight the scourge of malnutrition which has been affecting Africa and Nigeria in particular.

Ochogwu added that the stakeholders contacted from West African have started showing interest along side with fifteen exhibitors to make the event a memorable one for the state.

Also Speaking about the event is the Commissioner for Health, Dr Idris Omede who said the summit will be the first of its kind organised in the state, stressed the importance of nutrition saying that it is a very key area of focus that would help pregnant women and children.

Omode commended the fact the UNICEF would be represented in the programme, adding that UNICEF propagates a lots of nutritional issues in the country which point out that the summit would be worldwide.

Commissioner said it is a privilege that the summit is going to hold in the State and this would to a very large extent to bring down malnutrition in the state.

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