Niger Assembly Confirms Eight Commissioner Nominees

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The Niger State House of Assembly on Wednesday, confirmed eight persons commissioner nominees presented to it by the governor of state, Abubaka Sani Bello.

The Speaker, Niger State House of Assembly, Ahmed Marafa, after opening the envelope, said that the Governor submitted the list in accordance with the constitution, citing Section 2 (192) of the 1999 constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.

The eight candidates on the list of first batch of commissioner nominees are Kabiru Abbas Musa, Dan Mallam Masara, Ramatu Mohammed Yar’Adua, Mamman Musa, Jonathan Vatsa, Fatima Mudugu and Mustapha Jubrin.

According to the Speaker, governor Bello communicated in a letter that the nominee list would be sent in two batches, explaining that the next names would soon be made available to the State Assembly.