Nigeria: Coever Coaching Organizes Coaches Training Programme in Lagos


COERVER® COACHING has experience coaching instructors to impart high-quality training on coaches, who in turn help train young boys and girls in clubs, schools and communities on how to play the game of football, also helping them to grow as confident, intuitive and well-balanced individuals of the society.

COERVER® COACHING is tested and trusted with high success rates in 40 countries across the world including England, Japan, Netherlands, France, Germany, United States of America etc.

COERVER® COACHING is opening this Training of Trainers (T-o-T) opportunity to clubs schools/community coaches and teachers, for capacity development and enhancement which will ultimately support the development and growth of the clubs, communities and school’s students, teachers and parents.

The training will also run concurrently with workshops on Fair Play introducing the Football3 methodology for teaching basic moral lessons like communication amongst team members, conflict resolution and also for safety, as it reduces injuries on the field of play.

Venue: LAGOS
Date: APRIL 3 – 15 2016
THE FUTURE – Retainership/consultancy (open to discussion)

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