Nigeria donates $5m to restore receding Lake Chad Basin

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President Goodluck Jonathan has announced the contribution of the sum of $5,000,000 US Dollars for feasibility study towards restoring the Lake Chad Basin which has receded from about 25,000 square kilometers in 1960 to about 2,500 square kilometers at present.nig-gej

The amount according to him would be used for feasibility studies for Water Transfer from the Central Africa Republic (CAR) to the lake. He revealed this at a Roundtable Donors Conference for the restoration of Lake Chad Basin organized by the Africa Development Bank (ADB) in partnership with member-states in Italy lately.

The President, who was represented at the event by the Minister of Water Resources, Sarah Reng Ochekpe stated that the Donors’ Conference was organized to source for funds for the five – year investment plan and for preparation towards the Inter – Water Transfer for the resuscitation of Lake Chad.

He explained that the receding of Lake Chad has impacted negatively on agricultural production as well as pastoral and fishery activities which have constituted huge threats to the economy of over thirty million people living within the catchment area.

According to him, safeguarding Lake Chad for the benefit of millions of people would impact positively on poverty reduction in the region; translate to saving the livelihood of the people of the region; reduce insecurity, improve waterways navigation, boost communication and also increase agricultural production in the region.

The President mentioned that the Five – Year Investment Plan includes five activities which would cost the sum of 925,809,802 (Nine Thousand and Twenty Five Million, Eight Hundred and Nine Thousand, Eight Hundred and Two) Euros for the development of socio- economic infrastructure; conservation of the ecosystem; restoration and protection of natural resources, capacity building, involvement of stakeholders in the Integrated Water Resources Management; sustainable use of water resources and restoration of the environment. He assured that Nigeria would continue to support the programme towards reinstatement of the Lake Chad Basin.

“Nigeria reaffirms its commitment and support to the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) and member- states towards the realization of all identified programmes which address the challenges of the receding Lake Chad and seeks to improve on the living standards of the population around the basin,” he said. He added that Nigeria would encourage governments, corporate bodies and individuals to effectively contribute and support the national effort.

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