Nigeria elected into UN Council for 4th Time

Nigeria was on Thursday elected into the non-permanent seat of the United Nations Security Council, scoring a total of 186 out of a possible 193 votes.

This is the fourth time Nigeria would be elect

United Nation
United Nation
ed into the seat since it became independent in 1960.

It is also the second time the country would secure a seat in the Council under President Goodluck Jonathan. The first time was in 2010-2011.

Meanwhile, President Jonathan has welcomed Nigeria’s election into the Council, thanking all member- countries that supported the country’s bid.

A statement issued by his media aide, Dr. Reuben Abati, said, “On behalf of the Federal Government and people of Nigeria, President Jonathan wishes to convey his sincere appreciation for the support of all member-countries of the United Nations who voted for Nigeria’s election to the Security Council.

“The President believes that today’s endorsement of Nigeria’s candidature for the Security Council seat by the vast majority of member-countries is a glowing expression of support and encouragement for Nigeria’s active participation in the promotion of peace, security and political stability in Africa and other parts of the world.

“This is the fourth time since it became independent in 1960 that Nigeria is being elected to the UN Security Council. It is also the second time (2010-2011 and 2014-2015) that Nigeria will be elected to the Council under the Jonathan Presidency.

“The President is particularly delighted by this historic victory and assures the global community that Nigeria, under his leadership, will continue to make very significant contributions towards the achievement and sustenance of global peace and security.”

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