Nigeria Players Association holds Exco Meeting on Saturday in Umuahia

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The Association of Professional Footballers of Nigeria, APFON, will holds its Executive Committee meeting on 2nd of August 2014 in Umuahia, Abia State.

According to Austin Popo, the Secretary General of the APFON, many issues has been line up and all is set for the meeting.

The meeting will deleberate on the current NFF situation as it relates to players welfare and thier development vis vis the continous failure of the football federation to enforce the 2010 arbitration decisions.

The Eexco will also discuss on ways to address the non- compliance by debtor clubs to pay monies owed players and coaches within four months according to the agreement reached in a joint meeting between APFON, LMC, NNL, and TUC which was supervised by the NFF on the 27th february 2014 in Abuja.

The meeting will equally discuss and finetune strategy on how to enforce the rights of players still owed part of thier contractual fees and other entitlements for 2012/2013 season as well as in the ongoing season.