Nigeria ratifies defence pacts with Britain, Niger

Nigeria on Wednesday ratified the defence pacts with Niger and Great Britain on issues relating to the fight against terrorism.
The pact with the UK involves the training of Nigerian military personnel and sharing of experiences of how best to fight terrorism.

The Nigerian defence agreement with Niger involves cooperation between the two nations on the control of influx of “undesirable elements” across their borders.

The Minister of Information, Mr. Labaran Maku, told journalists at the end of the Federal Executive Council that “the Minister of State for Defence, Dr. Olusola Obada, sought the ratification for the implementation of the signed Bilateral Agreement between Nigeria and Niger and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Nigeria and Britain.

‘The Defence Cooperation Bilateral Agreement between Nigeria and Niger is aimed at providing mutual military support, security of their common borders, intervention Assistance, Military Assistance, Exchange of intelligence on internal and external Security, joint military exercise and operations.

‘The MOU on Bilateral Military Cooperation between Nigeria and Britain is aimed at establishing a bilateral Military Cooperation within the framework of our competent authorities as defined in the national legislation.

‘It is also aimed at building an enduring defence relationship that contributes to the security of each participant and enhances peace and security across the West African region based on equality and mutual respect.’

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