Nigerian Wins Grierson British Documentary Award

A Nigerian, Adeyemi Michael, has won the prestigious Grierson British Documentary Award in London.award

The 28 year-old man, based in London, attracted global attention, this time, not for a crime, but for an outstanding achievement recorded with a true life story of a young Nigerian British based boy named Sodiq now in jail for murder.

Accepting the award, an excited Adeyemi expressed happiness for the breakthrough that had brought him into the global news scene for the right reasons.

“I am pleased to be a Nigerian,” he told Channels Television’s correspondent in London, Doris Okenwa.

He urged young people to pursue their dreams following the right path and insisted that “the grass was not always greener outside one’s home country.”

Adeyemi called on Nigerians in diaspora to do more in transforming the nation’s international image.

Many Nigerians often see a life abroad as the only idea of a promising future. They are said to be present in all nooks and crannies of the world but unfortunately good news of earnest endeavours of thriving Nigerians in diaspora are seldom told.

However, Adeyemi believes success is not restricted to a location and appeals to his peers in Nigeria and abroad to shun dodgy means of getting to the top.

The latest recipient of the coveted Grierson British Documentary Award for 2013 is walking his way up the ladder of the industry and seeks to pull more Nigerians along.

He called on the Nigerian government to help the nation’s film industry Nollywood get to the top.

Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan has shown keen interest in taking Nollywood to a new level with grants worth millions of Naira.

But critics have stressed that as much as the government has a role to play, the industry’s players equally have a responsibility to make this initiative work.