Nigerians have suffered too much, change it – NNPP chieftain, Oguntoyinbo to Tinubu

Gubernatorial candidate of Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) in Ogun State in the last general elections, Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, has urged people with political positions to find ways of ameliorating the suffering of the people.

Warning that Nigerians have suffered too much due to unfavourable economic conditions across the country, Oguntoyinbo asked the government to provide solutions to ease the hardship without delay.

He made the call in a congratulatory message to felicitate Muslims on the occasion of the Eld-Kabir festival.

The NNPP candidate charged all the tiers of government and political office holders not to allow the challenging conditions to persist.

Oguntoyinb in the statement made available on Tuesday, acknowledged the fact that the economy had been challenging recently, adding that what the prevailing situation required most was collective effort in building the nation.

He said, “It is in times like this, that you know politicians who actually qualify to lead, not when things are good and rosy. So, I challenge our political leaders at all levels to rally round and find a way out of the challenging situations that we have found ourselves in.

“Nigerian masses have suffered enough and need someone to bring them out of this long suffering and it is a challenge to all those who are holding elective and appointive positions across the country.

“I believe that this country can be better if we all work towards that. I believe that the suffering that we are experiencing in the country right now is man-made, and can also be corrected by man”.


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