Nigerians Queue For Fuel At Filling Stations

[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”mdZGEYxaRtaGBQ5YXJbRdqWhCFrJZvb8″]Long queues are continuing to form in petrol stations in main Nigerian cities as the country’s government blames marketers for creating a non-natural scarcity.

The residents are pretty confused right now as they do not know who is the reason for the fuel scarcity, President Muhammadu Buhari or the Senate?

The federal government has two weeks ago confirmed payment of 413 billion naira ($2 billion) in subsidies, but money has yet to be relocated because they have yet to be agreed by the Senate.

Reuters reports that the distributors have not been paid their subsidy since Buhari was inaugurated as the president and the postponement has worsened the financial crisis for importers.


Nigerians are made to keep vigil at a fuel station on LASU-Ojo road and motorists hardly have a chance of buying petrol.

Nigeria is Africa’s major oil exporter but imports most of its petrol because it lacks the capacity to refine it.

In May, the country was brought to a stoppage when the importers went on strike following a row over payments with the outgoing government of Goodluck Jonathan.