NLC threatens #OccupyKogi over slashed workers salaries by 40 percent

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The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC of Kogi state has threatened to shut down the state if the state government refuses to rescind on his plan to cut down the April salaries of the state civil servants.
nlc kayode oderemi
Vice Chairman of NLC in the state, Alhaji Suleman Abdullahi stated this yesterday shortly after the State Working Committee meeting of the labour union.

Abdullahi said the decision by the state government to pay 100 percent to officers on grade level 1-6 while those on 7 and above will be paid 60 percent will never be acceptable to the labour union.

He disclosed that workers in the state where not invited to around table for discussion on how to about the alleged short fall in the monthly allocation to the state before the decision was taken .

The labour union said it is given the government 24 hours to change its mind and reverse the decision or face a total lock down of government activities in the state.

“There are many avenues in which the government can utilised to augment the short fall especially reduction in the numbers as well as monthly take home of the un-controllable political appointees who were not contributing significantly to the development of the state.” He stated.

NLC further threatened that if the government decided to pay the money into the account of workers it shall be taken as bonus not salaries.

The union said they are allying fear about the government intention because this is how its started years back on Salaries of the Local government workers and the Basic Education Teachers before its finally snowed ball into refusal to pay workers for several months leading to the untimely deaths of some teachers and Local council workers in the state.

The trade union how-ever appealed to workers in the state to remain calm and wait patiently for the expiration of 24 hours ultimatum given to the state government.

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