NNL: Wada reiterates more support to Kogi Utd, Confluence Queens

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Kogi State Governor Captain Idris Ichalla Wada has reiterated his continuous and great support for the Adama Abdul led Kogi United Football club of Lokoja.
kogi united-wada

Governor Wada gave the assurance while fielding questions from journalists in Lokoja yesterday on the 23rd year anniversary when the state was created.

Captain Wada expressed confidence in the day to day running of both Kogi United and the Confluence Queens football clubs.

“The sole Administrator was appointed on merits feelers, I get from the Public shows that the sole administrator knows what he is doing and directly in charge, ours is to provide logistic and financial backing to ensure his success,” begins Captain Wada.

“As much as Kogi state teams are doing very well in their cadres of the Nigerian league, I support in entirety all his actions to restore our lost pride in Sports in Nigeria,” he concluded.

Governor Wada however gave assurance of his fresh support for the two kogi state teams and called on the state indigenes to do so.

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