NPFL: Five-star Niger Tornadoes sink Gombe United

Niger Tornadoes consolidated on their away result in midweek with another thrilling victory over troubled and toothless Gombe United at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium Kaduna.

The Ikon Allah Boys began the onslaught as early as the sixth minute on the clock when Clinton Jephta picked the ball and drove forward before unleashing a superb curling effort that sailed into the net to gift his team the lead.

It was only a four-minute difference between the first and second goal as Adeyinka Najeem’s free kick met the legs of Chidiebere Ernest who toked home from a close range to double the score and make it his second goal in two matches.

It was a two-nil lead into the break for Majin Mohammed’s team with a dominant first-half display as the visitors barely threatened.

Second-half proceedings commenced and the Ikon Allah Boys continued from where they left off and won a free kick on the edge of the box after a foul on Chidiebere Ernest. Mohammed Hussaini picked the ball and brilliantly curled it into the net to make it three goals with just five minutes into the second half.

Midway through the half, the Savannah Scorpions gained control of the game as they momentarily dictated the pace but fizzled out after just a while.

In-form attacker Clinton Jephta continued to torment the visitors with his mesmerising skills and pace as he proved too difficult to handle. Jephta was tripped in the box and the referee rightly awarded a penalty which Bashir Usman converted in the 76th minute, his first goal in the second round and seven overall this season.

In the closing stages of the game, just when the fans thought it was all over, Clinton Jephta’s magic resonated as he riffled a shot into the net to make it a historic 5-0 win for the Ikon Allah Boys, first in the club’s NPFL history.