NTTF pilot league to begins next month

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As part of efforts to test run its facilities ahead of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)-sanctioned Lagos World Tour, the Nigeria Table Tennis Federation (NTTF) is organizing a one-week pilot league for players across the country.
The federation sponsors the tournament and well-meaning individuals with players coming under the umbrella of clubs and it will serves off on March 7 at the renovated knock-up hall of the National Stadium in Lagos.

According to the prospectus released by the federation, eligibility of players will be possible after the clubs must have registered or affiliated to the state association of the federation.

It states, “Clubs wishing to participate shall be registered with and affiliated to their state association and or to NTTF directly. Only players registered by clubs, which are affiliated to their state association and or NTTF, are eligible to participate. Also, all players shall hold the current NTTF Player’s License, which must be produced on demand.

Clubs shall ensure that their players are properly registered for the League by completing the Registration Form obtainable from the Secretary of NTTF, attaching one passport photograph of each player to the completed form.

It added, “Each club may register teams with each team consisting of two players and a reserve. The reserve player replaces any of the two regular players whenever he is absent.

Therefore the chart shall be drawn on the basis of club/team/player one or player two. Entries shall be a maximum total of 20 Teams i.e. 40 players.”

The league shall be played for six days with champion for each week shall earn 20 points; the runner-up will get 15 points, while semifinalists will amassed 12 points.

All the quarterfinalists will eight points, while players that make it to the last 16 will earn five points.

After six days of matches, the cumulative points of players in each team shall be calculated, while the club whose team has the highest cumulative points shall be the eventual winner.

The 40 players will be drawn into eight groups with the best two in each progressing to the top group. Winner of each week will get N30, 000 while the total prize money is N890, 000.

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