Nurses Protest the Removal of FMC Lokoja Doctor, Charles Nzurubike

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Activities wereFMC-Protests-4 paralysed as all nurses at Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja embarked on strike to press home for the removal of the Consultant Obstetric and Gynaecology, Dr. Charles Nzurubike over high handed and the order for the closing down of labour against the visiting pregnant women.

The Nurses in their hundreds protested and down tools immediately and calling removal Dr .Nurubike for allegedly to turning back the pregnant women who came for ante natal.

The Chairman of Nurses and Midwives union, Mr . Dan Ameh said the entire nurses are going on strike, following the activities of the Consultant Obstetric and Gynaecology who has denied the Nurses to do what they have trained and employed for.

He explained that the Consultant has always having one issue or the others and stopped the nurses from attending to pregnant women, saying that the nurses should stop palpating of the pregnant women except him.

The Union Chairman noted that Union had on several occasion reported the friction between the nurses and the consultant.

The Consultant was alleged to have sponsored a jingle on a private state accusing the Nurses of extortion from the patients.

Ameh stated what infuriated the Nurse yesterday morning was the go home order he Dr. Nzurubike issued to the pregnant women who came for ante natal telling that even if they wait, no Nurses will attend to them and should go home.

The Nurses and Midwives Union alleged the management has not done anything about the grievances and vowed not to return to work.

It was alleged that Consultant was in habit of diverting the patients to his private clinic and purportedly issued the order closing down the labour ward, Ante Natal Units and Theatre at the hospital.

The copy of the letter which was addressed to all HOUS,signed by Head of Obstetric and Gynaecology and read thus,”The labour ward is temporarily closed down due strike by resident Doctors”

Addressing the Nurses at Federal medical Centre in Lokoja,the Head of Clinical Services, Dr. Olatunde Alabi who spoke on behalf of CMD,Dr. Gbadebo Eleshin who was on official assignment in Abuja stated that management is on top of situation.

He urged the Nurses to return to the various wards to continue their work, adding that the management has already set up a committee to look into various grievances.

The CMD also explained that the crisis is an internal and administrative problem which is being attended to by the management.

On the issue of allegation of extortion by the nurses, Dr. Eleshin noted that the management was not aware of such practices, warning that anybody who caught is collecting money from patients will be summarily be dismissed.

When the Journalists contacted the Consultant Obstetric and Gynaecology, Dr. Charles Nzurubike for comment yesterday, stated that he will not speak on issues until the arrival the CMD who was in Abuja.

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