NUT Minimum Wage Saga: Kogi teachers turn to God for solutions

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The Kogi state wing of Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) conducted a prayer session to intercede and intervene for the many problems the teachers are encountering in the

The prayer session was held on Tuesday in lokoja by the Nigeria Union of Teachers.

The union invited Two Reverends and Two Imams for the prayer, they are Rev. Peter Arikoh of St Francise Catholic Church, Mallam Monsud Imam of Kogi Moslems Pilgrims Welfare Board, Rev I.F. Adesanya of Anglican Church and Mallam Abdulrahman Danladi the chief Imam of Otokiti.

The prayer session was attended by all the past state chairman of the union as well as all the Local Government Officers of the Union.

The chairman of the Union Comrade Suleiman Abdullahi said the Union has done everything humanly possible and have continued to do it but has to submit to God for his divine intervention at this point.

He said whoever it is either in Government at SUBEB, LGEAs or in the union, who is a stumbling block against teachers causing the delay of teachers salary shall face the wrath of God.

He said the union has no in tensions to stop the E-payment process going on at SUBEB, even though many teachers.

Have not been paid January Salary at the end of March adding that if it will permanently solve corruption tendencies that have bedeviled teachers salary, let it continue.

He said it will be recalled that NUT had an agreement with the state Government to pay hundred percent of minimum wage to all teachers by the end of march 2014, along with three months promotion without cash-backing and payment of three years leave bonus among others.