NWFL: Confluence Queens win Protest against Standard Babes

confluence queens
The Organising and Disciplinary Committee, O&D, of the Nigeria Football Federation will reward Nigeria Women Football League side Confluence Queens of Lokoja with three points and three goals.

The O$D after hearing the protest on Tuesday favoured Confluence Queens in protest filed against Standard Babe of Aba for parading an ineligible player(s).

The points awarded to the Lokoja ladies will gift them automatic qualification for the newly proposed Nigeria Premier Women League.

Faulted Aba ladies will not only be losing three points and three goals but fined N300,000 for the unprofessional act.

SavidNews Nigeria gathered the Aba Women League side at least four fielded players with fake names against the Confluence Queens in the week-18 match on 26th August, 2013.

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