Obangogo Hill: Behold! World’s Newest Tourist Site in Kogi

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Exploring the tourism potentials In ‎Obangogo‎

Obangogo Hill is situated in Egunbe community in Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area of Kogi State, North Central Nigeria. It is located just 5 kilometers off Okene – Kabba Express Way by the permanent site of College of Education (Technical), Gbeleko.


The hill epitomises the natural museum of Owe (Awoki) historical and cultural relics.

Going down memory lane, Egunbe community was very powerful in Oweland those days because they were the first people to settle outside the present location of Kabba town, which made them the number four in the order of hierarchy, after Katu, Okabba and Odolu communities, and they are from the lineage of Odolu group. IMG-20151027-WA0006

…the history of Owe Kingdom would not be complete without the mention of the experiences in Obangogo hill.‎


The community came to existence as a result of the activities of the Nupe warriors who invaded the entire Okunland. The hill became a place of abode for as many people that sought refuge there. As at the time, the land of Egunbe was very fertile for the people’s farming activities, which made them to become one of the richest and powerful communities in Owe Kingdom then.FB_IMG_1445335238439

So, the history of Owe Kingdom would not be complete without the mention of the experiences in Obangogo hill. The hill was the saving grace when the Nupes wanted to take the entire people captives, even Ogidi a neighbouring community were not spared as they too sought refuge there.

The historic facts on the hill include the story of Elegha, the Ako kereje, kereje, the coffin that turned to stone, there is a portion of the rock that is as good as a talking drums. There is a spring of water that never dries the year round. It served as the main source of water for the people then. There is also the mystical lake called ‘ako’. There are five of them and they never run dry despite its stagnation.


What is only required now, is for us to provide the necessary infrastructures like accessible road network, electricity, accommodation facilities etc since we cannot wait for the government forever.‎

Be part of the celebration come December 26th,2015.

Obangogo is fun, come and experience Nature.. ‎

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