Okene LG Legislative leader, Jimoh Hadid sacked over shoddy deal with Chairman

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The approval of the sum of N10million by the leader of the Okene local Government Area Legislative Council, Hon. Momoh Jimoh Hadid without the consent of the members for the Chairman has resulted to his impeachment.court

Hon. Yakubu Omeiza said in Okene said the 10 million concerned was a bank loan sought by the Council Chairman, Hon. Salawu Ahmed Ogembe which had not provision in the 2013 and 2014 budget.

The motion for his impeachment was moved by Hon. Aminu Okene, Councillor representing Okeneba Ahachi Agasa Ward and this was supported by 9 out of 11 councillors in the house.

He was immediately replaced by Hon. Zubair Ahmed Akikora representing Orietesu Ward.

Fight ensued when Thugs believed to be supporters of impeached Council Leader invaded the legislative council complex and beat 9 Councillors to pop. The Thugs made away with the mobile phones of honourable members who supported the impeachment of the Council Leaders.

Hon. Yakubu Omeiza during this unpleasant scenario had heart attacked and was immediately rushed to private hospital in Okene.

Hon. Yakubu Omeiza said this is the second loan sought by the Chairman of the council, Hon. Salawu Ahmed Ogembe since his assumption in office so far without tangible thing to show for it.

He added the N200 million bank loan approved for the construction of Civil Centre last year has been diverted into private pocket and the project is left hanging. ‘This is the reason why the honourable members did not support more bank loan’, he said.