Okura Youths drum support for Mohammed Ali’s leadership in Dekina LG Council

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By Onogwu Emmanuel – Political appointees of Dekina Local Government Council and youths from Okura District of the council has reiterated their commitments and supports for the administration of Comrade Mohammed Ali.

The youths made the statement at a town-hall meeting held in ANYIGBA on Sunday.
In his opening remarks, the Secretary to Dekina Local Government Council, Hon Khalid Mohammed thanked the youth for their support for the present administration of Comrade Mohammed Ali.

Hon Khalid said, apart from Mohammed Ali’s achievement in infrastructural development, no local government administration in Dekina has made huge effort in human development, youth and women empowerments like the administration of Comrade Mohammed Ali.

While thanking the Chairman for meaningfully engaging over 500 youths in the council in gainful endeavor, he charged the youths to remain committed and to continue to give support to Comrade Mohammed Ali in all his political pursuits.

Speaking at the occasion, the PDP state youths leader, Hon Ogwu Alhassan stated that in the history of Dekina Local government and local government administrations across Nigeria, Mohammed Ali’s involvement of the youths in the administration of the council was a record to beat.

Hon Alhassan noted that Comrade Mohammed Ali has done a lot in restoring peace and development to Dekina Local Government and should be given the necessary support he deserves in his political career. He advised the youths to engage themselves in meaningful venture to curtail their over dependence on politics and also charged them on peaceful conduct.

The supervisory counsellor for Agriculture, Dekina Local Government, Hon Manasseh Abu who described Comrade Mohammed Ali as an exemplary grassroots leader whose good governance is at the centre of his attention, noted that the Chairman’s administration has witnessed tremendous achievements which has won him the hearts of the masses and stressed that the people of Dekina Local Government remained resolute in their support for Comrade Mohammed Ali.

Amongst the speakers at the occasion were the chief of Staff to the Chairman, Hon Dan Otubeje, Special Adviser on Media and Strategy Comrade Onogwu Mohammed and the conveners of the meeting, Comrade Onuma Peter,John James and Suleiman Akpa who all charged the youths to remain firm in their support for Comrade Mohammed Ali’s administration.

– Onogwu Muhammed