Opinion: God’s handwriting in Kogi State, by Sekinah Lawal

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kogi  map

Because God is involved in the affairs of this nation now, we pray for peace in all our states. More importantly, our hearts cry out for divine intervention in Kogi affairs at this moment as we pray for peace and development in Kogi State. I have been to the state a couple of time s, the state capital and other towns in the state of confluence and I must say that I am really surprised at the level of underdevelopment and degradation of social infrastructures in the state.

Seeing Nigeria’s historical capital and the haven of tourism in such a state is nothing to write home and a true conviction of the need for a change of leadership from the old block to a new set of credible leaders especially from the so-called minority tribe.

This is not really a tribal matter now but allowing the will of God for Kogi State to materialize. We would all recall that the late Abubakar Audu, may his soul rest in peace, actually promised a change of baton but God almighty has shown that He is the ultimate Giver of power. It is quite unfortunate that anytime the critical issue of neglect, under-development and poverty that has become the lot of our people principally because of the failure of those entrusted with leadership, but the time to change the situation is around the corner.

With many arguments for and against of a particular candidate defecting or not working for the party during campaign thus, APC losing his unit and local government to some candidates not participating in the primaries, I feel the leadership of the change party that the people of Kogi expressed their love for in the last election, should go for neutral and more capable hands like Dr. Yekeen Habeeb who was part of the primaries.

It should not also be a family rotation but the ability, experience and maturity to deliver. Enough of all these issues of minority tribe because if a minority person will bring development to a state and all the citizens, then, let it be! I feel we should put less importance on these trivial issues and move forward as a nation.

Let whoever will deliver dividends of democracy to all nooks and crannies of the state, be at the helms of affairs as no people or tribes are born or destined to neither rule for life nor be subservient for life. The almighty God has spoken too and there should be a power shift or rotation in Kogi State without any bloodshed.

It is not and should not be the birthright of some people to continue to rule with little or nothing to show for it. Enough of many years of misrule, embezzlement of public fund, disrespect for the rule of law and people’s trust. Nigerian politicians should truly learn a big lesson of the fact that all power belongs to almighty Allah and He gives it to whosoever He wills.

All we want is all-round development of Kogi State and all other states of the federation irrespective of who is executing that. Let the able minorities have their shots too and see what will become of Kogi State. May the good Lord complete His divine mission in Kogi State and Nigeria as a whole, Aamin.