Oshiomhole, Adelabu Urge State Leaders To Spearhead Education Development

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Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomhole has berated the Nigerian school system which he says is characterised by acts of nepotism and favouritism and not merit.edo gov

Oshiomhole was speaking during the closing session of the 20th Nigerian Economic Summit holding in Abjuja with the theme Transforming Education through Partnerships for Global Competitiveness.”

Corroborating his stand, Deputy Governor of Ekiti state, Prof. Modupe Adelabu noted that leaders in various states must remain in the forefront of the battle to revamp the dwindling education sector.

Oshiomhole insisted that “it is not fair to choose very privileged students for federal government colleges, where admission is a function not of merit but a function of connection; a function of the uncle, minsters list, governors list etc.”

“I would have liked to see that in trying to understand the depth of our crisis, that we brought those children in schools without roofs in Edo, Katsina and Lagos states and ask them to talk side by side with these children from these private schools so that we can see how the environment can change the entire foundation for education,” he said with a fury-laden swagger.

He noted that what “we did today is to distort the picture and give the impression that these are the representatives of the Nigerian students unfortunately these are the privileged few”.

Earlier, students from some Federal Government Colleges across the country had given their submission on what schools are like and what they should be, further appealing for a better education sector which challenges them and allows them achieve their full potential.

Professor Adelabu also warned that “a leader who does not care about education, who does love education, who has not gone through educational process, cannot lead well” insisting that education is central to everything else.

She also noted that as a citizen of Ekiti state, where education is “the only industry we have; it is our oil, gold, diamond, and so we are putting everything into it” maintaining that the State Governor, Kayode Fayemi takes control, knowing that the buck stops at his table.

She added that “any leader who wants to make change must have an obligation to the people that he is leading”.

The professor, who is an educationist, called on the authorities to let people of her ilk to man the educational institutions in the country.