Oshiomhole Donates N2m, Automatic Job to “Go and Die” Widow

Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, on Monday donated N2million to a widow he told to “Go and die”, while on a sanitation tour of the state.
The widow, Mrs. Joy Ifije, at the Government House today was also offered automatic employment by Oshiomhole, who personally apologised to her over his uncomplimentary remark.

“Let me apologise to you for the way I spoke to you, I am very sorry about the statement, he said.

“I have also realised that even in anger, one could still achieve the same result that he set out to without provocative outburst.

“I apologise from the bottom of my heart, but sometimes you get angry when people compromise your efforts.’’

According to him, the state government was trying to beautify the state, adding that it is frustrating to see people truncate such efforts.

Oshiomhole, appealed to the widow to join in the campaign against road and walkways trading, saying that exposing consumables to unhygienic sanitary conditions was injurious to the health of everyone.

“when you put your things on the road a vehicle can run into you and they have killed some people like that and that was why I said if you are a widow do you want more people to be widowed? But when I said go and die, that one was said in a fit of anger. And I am really sorry”, he said.

“I want you to join us. We would employ you and pay you salary. You would help us to campaign to other women not to trade on road sides. We should not use poverty as a yardstick. We would also talk to taxi and bus drivers not to block roads when carrying passengers”, Oshiomhole said.

“You will assist me to talk to women and traders not to litter the roads and sidewalks so that people walking and driving can have free road. If they want to park they can park properly so as not to disturb others.”

The Governor said government was trying to transform Benin City saying that “as you can see Benin is becoming a modern city. So you join us now and every month you begin to get salary so that you can look after your children”.

He further promised to ensure that Mrs. Ijife’s children get quality education.

“For your child who is preparing to enter into the university, my daughters and myself have agreed to support him. If he does well as we pray he does, he would assist the family. Maybe this is the way God wants it. That is why I asked them to look for you so that I can personally offer my apology, but also to support you, so that God helping you, you can overcome the pain of widowhood”, he said.

“As a single mother I want to see how I can help you to train your children and God can use any of them to become a leader of our country. Please resist the temptation to do anything that would break the law. The law is the law; it is no respecter of persons. If Government does not enforce the law there would be confusion”, he remarked.

Disclosing the gift of N2 million to the woman, the governor said “in addition to working with the War Against Indiscipline, I am also giving you the sum of two million naira so that you can hire a shop, trade inside the shop and not roadside and I pray that God will bless your decision on how you utilize the money. This money is not for you to share or distribute but to help you as a working capital”.

Earlier, the widow had apologised to the governor for her action.

“I know I was wrong, that was why I quickly knelt down to beg when I realised I was face to face with the Governor’’.

She promised to work with the state government in its campaign against street trading and obstruction, with a promised to make judicious use of the donation.


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