Oshiomhole swears-in new LG Chairman


Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has sworn in Mr. Saturday Ogbeide as the new Chairman of Esan West Local Government Area with an appeal to party leaders in the Local Government to rally round the new chairman.

Speaking shortly after subscribing to the relevant oaths, Governor Oshiomhole who expressed shock at the death of the former Chairman said there can be no vacuum in government.

According to him “in fact it is the extent of the shock that has made us almost to breach the constitution because under the law regardless of what we think, there can be no vacuum in governance. Under the law, immediately the Chairman passed away, we ought to immediately swear in the Vice Chairman as the new Chairman. That is the law and we are obliged to obey it”.

He advised the new leadership which was part of his leadership wound continue with those projects which you had all agreed on before he passed on.

The Governor urged the Chairman to have the courage and strength of character to deliver the promises of good governance to all the wards and across the local government area.

“I also know from my own limited experience that politicians have one disease. It is a serious disease, but it is not terminal, but it is one that is capable of weakening the strongest human being on this planet. The disease of rumour-mongering, half truths, sometimes complete untruth, creating factions and creating division where there is no unity.

“I want to appeal to our party leaders and members to support the young man, I have just sworn in with honest advice and proper guidance, informed by what constitutes the greatest good of the greatest number of the people”, he noted.

Oshiomhole said “allow me to advice you publicly that since it has pleased God to make you the Chairman, I ask you to resist the temptation of undoing any of the things your predecessor has done. It was an open secret that at this level of our political evolution, we still pay attention to geo-political sensitivities and I am aware of the political difficulties you encountered in constituting your executive of Esan West Local Government. I ask you not to go from here and remove people appointed by your predecessor and replace them with your own. You must resist the temptation of being moved to make changes. To do so is to suggest that you do not mourn the dead.

“On my part, I want to assure you that I will extend to you every support and I will give you every encouragement on you can have peace and achieve progress and development”, the Governor added.

Responding, the Council Chairman Mr. Ogbeide pledged to work assiduously for upliftment of the Local Government Area.

Ogbeide was sworn in as Chairman of Esan West Local Government Araea following the death of the former Chairman Mr. Henry Irumudumu on July 26, 2013.

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