Oshiomhole tasks DISCOs on 24-hour electricity

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Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo state says Nigerians expect the new Electricity Distribution companies to deliver 24-hour electricity to their homes and nothing short of this will be acceptable to them.
The Governor who spoke yesterday when he granted audience to the Management team of Benin Electricity Distribution Company led by its chairman, Mr. Victor Osibodu, said whereas Nigerians were afraid to tackle the PHCN, they would not be afraid to demand full service for tariff from the new DISCOs.

According to the Governor ‘’I am excited that the federal government has muscled the power to do what it has to do considering the fact the Nigeria government simply have the capacity and even the discipline at all levels to manage power supply.

“After many years of lamentations and failed promises doing costly interventions that borders on change of name from E.C.N to NEPA and PHCN as if the power lies in the name.

He said ‘’if we have 40% of power supply and the economy is growing at 60%, it is easy to extrapolate that at 100% the economy would do twice what is currently doing. If every Nigeria gets the power we deserve, if every rural person has power to generate supply, every urban and corporate bodies have access to power supply, the more jobs would be crated,’’ he stressed.

“In the past, Nigerians were not able to do anything about PHCN because it had federal might backing it, but I’m not sure they will treat the new DISCOs with the same kid gloves.

Nigerians expect 24 hours power supply and not four hours or six hours. It cannot be our lot or our luck, as you say, for us to have just six hours power in a day.

Governor Oshiomhole who lamented the incessant power failure in the country said it has led to closure of many industries relocating to other African countries.

According to him ‘’we are fast working for an incompetent power supply system. This is why I am a believer that what the government cannot do, it should hand over to those who can do,’’ it he said.

‘’Let us see what will come out of the sections that have been privatized and we hope the success will make the government to allow those who have the competence and discipline to help out in providing power.’’

While calling on the management to reconsider sacked union leaders into its work force urged the company to make fresh initiative that would rejuvenate the power sector.

Earlier, while addressing the Governor, the Chairman, Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC), Mr. Victor Osibodu had commended the state governor for its prompt payment of electricity bills stressing that the state ranked best among other states of the federation.

He said, Edo state with 49 service centers is lucky to enjoy 12 hours power supply which according to him is the highest in the country. Mr Osibodu requested the state government support for Benin Electricity Development Company in the settlement of electricity bills by Government parastatals and agency.

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