Osun PDP Criticizes APC’s Political Management, Urges Them to Stay Out of PDP’s Affairs

In a strongly-worded statement, Sunday Bisi, the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State, has issued a warning to the All Progressives Congress (APC), urging them to keep the PDP out of their internal crises.

Bisi further advised APC leaders to improve their political management skills before considering a return to Osun Government House. In the statement obtained by SavidNews on Wednesday, Bisi expressed confidence that the PDP administration would continue to govern the state for an extended period, assuring the residents of Osun about their long-term presence in power.

However, Bisi’s statement reflects a critical tone towards the APC, suggesting that they need to reeducate themselves in political party management before entertaining thoughts of reclaiming Osun Government House. He taunted the APC for organizing an acrimonious stakeholders meeting, which he described as their feeble attempt to confront their former leader-turned-enemy, former Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

Bisi emphasized that the people of Osun State had already rejected the APC and closed the door to their return.While warning the Osun APC to refrain from using the PDP’s name for their media coverage and focus on resolving their internal conflicts, Bisi reiterated the PDP’s commitment to a lasting presence in Osun.

He mentioned Senator Ademola Adeleke, the PDP’s governor, and expressed confidence in the success of his administration, highlighting their slogan “Imole” as a representation of their aim to illuminate the entire state.Bisi also accused the APC of using the opportunity to spread different narratives under the guise of the PDP’s name, intending to target Rauf Aregbesola, who recently returned to the state. He urged the APC to mend their own party and spare the PDP from their troubles and attempts to mitigate their own pain using the PDP’s name.

The PDP Osun Chairman’s statement portrays a critical view of the APC’s political management and emphasizes the PDP’s determination to maintain their dominance in the state. It highlights the ongoing tensions between the two parties and reinforces the PDP’s stance of distancing themselves from the APC’s internal conflicts.

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