Oyostate Sports News ban by FA for “anti-government activities”

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Editor and Publisher of OyoState SportsNews also known as Oyo Sports News Mr. Oluseyi Adedire has decried his purported ban by the Oyo State Football from entering stadia across the state, describing it as a rues and insult on Nigerians intelligence.oyo sports news

The State Football Association had in a letter said she is banning Mr. Adedire from entering all the stadia in Oyo State for publishing what they described as “illegal report” The state FA also said the suspension was as a result of his non-recognition as a member of the state’s SWAN.

Mr. Adedire wondered why the State FA will result to dictatorship and bullying of Sports Journalists in the 21st century.

“I was surprised that Oyo FA came up with such decision, the allegations levelled against me were not even stated, the only thing they said was that I reported illegal story”.

“Oyo FA called me twice for meeting which I replied that I was out of the state to cover NUGA Games at OAU Ile-Ife and Plateau state for Giwa FC Official reception only to come back on Wednesday and hear of this purported ban.

I found it ridiculous that the supposedly learned people in Oyo FA could accuse me of publishing what they called “illegal report” not even in military era we can hear such, even as a graduate of Mass Communication, I was never told of such and if there is anything like that in their dictionary, I think they should have employed a civilized way of seeking redress in the court of law or even sue me for libel”.

The young Sports journalist also state that this is not the first time he will come under attack from government agents as he had been repeatedly harassed and threatened.

“This is not the first time I will be threatened by Government agents, sometimes last month; a top official from the State Ministry of Youth and Sports threatened me on telephone to surrender the name Oyostatesportsnews which she claimed belongs to Oyo State Government, however base on legal advice I was advised to drop the “State” in the name since then it has been one form of intimidations to another, the latest being the instruction from the later to ban me form Oyo State stadia”.

The publisher also reaffirms his commitment to publishing the truth rather than the stereotyped report “they” want.

I want to state categorically that not even intimidation and blackmail from Oyo FA and their ‘pay masters’ will prevent www.oyosportsnews.com from writing the truth which people deserve.”

Mr Adedire also decried the allegation by some members of the Sports Writers Association SWAN who claimed he is not a member saying he has not be notified.

“Am yet to be informed by Oyo SWAN on this. Three years ago, I was the assistant General Secretary and later became the General Secretary, so there is no question on whether I am a member or not. I begin to wonder who issued a statement that I was never recognised as SWAN member.”

He thanked members of the press who have show solidarity and have resolved to stand by the truth.

“It is a shame when some members because of plate of porridge could descend so low to giving such statement. I am ready to fight this injustice and will give full response after due consultation with my legal team. I therefore thanked all that have show concern and to some human right activists who have provided a strong legal team to challenge the illegality.

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