Parents are responsible for Decadance in Schools -Archbishop Egbunu

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Students in Classroom
Students in Classroom

Parents and government policies on education has been described as factors responsible for morale decadence and other vices noticed among students of secondary schools in Nigerian today.

The Bishop and Archbishop of the Lokoja province of the Anglican communion in Kogi state Most Rev Emmanuel. Egbunu stated yesterday at the golden jubilee and thanks giving ceremony of the Crowther memorial college Lokoja.

He accussed parents of neglecting their wards in secondary by not giving adequate home training education on how to relate to other people in the bigger society.

“Most of our parent in recent time occupied their mind with their business and other worldly things so they hardly have time to attends to their wards at home”.

The Archbishop added that parent also exhibit some bad morales in the presence of their children such drinking beers and smoking cigarrettes a thing he said the children may wants to emulate from.

“These act are bad and the child emulate them and later become a problem to the society”

He tasked government to do more in ensuring disciplines returns to schools in Nigeria.

“Prompt payment of teachers salaries and other welfare packages as at when due this will boast teachers morales and confidence”

He commended the Kogi state for prompt payment of teachers salaries in the state and calles for an improvement in the area of infrastructures in schools accross the state.

The college principal.Mrs Berida Ebun Beatrice. Lauds the Captain Idris Wada administration for prompt payment of teachers salaries in the state.

She appealed to the state government to assist the prenier college in Nigeria to refurbished it dilapidated classrooms and equip it old science laboratory.

“Our challenges are in the provision of infrastructures for the 50 years old college and that of getting books for our Library”.

One of the Pioneer student Mr Dele Nuffi in his remark called all the old stdents of the institution to rally round the school in their areas of needs.

He announced that a fund raising ceremony will soon be organised where funds raised at the occassion will be used to provide essential amenities in the colleges.

The event was graced by many important dignitaries and old students from Kwara,Edo and Kaduna states.

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