Phase3 Telecoms to Partner Main one on Fibre Optic Expansion


Nigeria’s two upwardly mobile telecommunications infrastructure providers, Main One and Phase3 Telecoms have concluded plans to expand their combined fibre optic network to corporate and public institutions across the country.

A release signed by the Communications Manager of Phase3 Telecoms, Mrs. Morayo Nwabufo, recently in Abuja, stated that besides the recent deployment of broad band access facilities to institutions in Oyo state, the two organisations have also plan to expand their connectivity to other parts of the country.

According to her, Main One and Phase3 have created a unique connectivity edge that gives the education, banking, security, and government sectors as well as other organisations in Oyo state enhanced broadband access, adding that their Broadband expansion Project officially commenced early this year and is stretching out to different parts of Nigeria.

Both companies, she hinted, recently kicked off an awareness campaign in Ibadan where they both emphasized the importance of their unique fibre Optic networks. Phase3 Telecom had in recent times been emphasising the Open Access Network as a model that would help enhance reliable and affordable high speed broadband connectivity and has taken steps under a private sector framework to support Main One in achieving this, she said.

According to her, fibre Optic Broadband helps small businesses expand and thrive and it will help to create more jobs while helping to boost the nation’s economy as a whole. Nwabufo added that the awareness creation event aims at providing a better approach to business growth in the South-West.

‘Through greater customer intimacy and insight, we find ways to better meet the unique needs of Nigerian businessmen. ‘Phase3 Telecom’s Fibre Optic network infrastructure enables a unique Open Access Model for improved broadband delivery in the country.’

Phase3 Telecom, Nwabufo explained has also commenced the deployment of model network to enable high speed connectivity in the Nigerian real estate market as an off-shoot of its upgraded fibre-based wireless telecommunication infrastructure. The giant national long distance operator, according to her is licensed by the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) to provide transmission services in Nigeria. Incorporated in 2003, the company provides transmission services to telecom operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Corporate Organizations using fiber deployed on electric pylons.

She said the company is very committed to driving a first of its kind advanced Wi-Fi network based on the enormous demand for reliable Wi-Fi services not only in the real estate sector but in the country.

However, she said the company is consistently refining its Wi-Fi strategies and deploying Wi-Fi networks in greater numbers to ensure wireless coverage for estates in Nigeria and rollout fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) which uses optical cables to deliver ultra-fast broadband services with network interface speeds of more than 100Mbps. Thus, Phase3 Telecom is currently working on a base station which will be complemented with 4G towards the end of this year. This they maintain will significantly boost voice, IP, data, internet, telecommunications services and value added services (VAS) to residents.

Quoting the company’s Chief Executive Officer, she said: ‘The combination of FTTH and Wi-Fi will give seamless access to all residents in these estates. Our focus is to ensure a high-speed and affordable fibre-to-the-home network that will be delivering even more services and applications in the future.’

She further explained that the company is deploying the fiber high speed solution to help Phase3 Telecom better position its services against competitive offerings and to expand its offering into areas where competition are currently lacking. ‘The decision to deploy fibre high speed solution to the real estate industry in Nigeria is a direct response to the customer’s desire for bandwidth speed and affordability.’ she added.

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