Photos: Protesters demand ‘Wada Must Go’, block Abuja-Lokoja highway

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Travellers going from Abuja and those coming to the capital city had a hectic journey as workers of Kogi Local Government protesting 21 months of salary arrears and two years of unpaid leave bonuses blocked the Abuja-Lokoja Highway at Kotonkarife area Thursday morning.

wada must go2

The workers carried placards with inscriptions “Wada must go”, “Pay us our 21 months salary”, “Wada has used our money for PDP primaries”, ” Buhari must save Kogi from Wada”, “Wada is a thief” and others were displayed as they chanted.

wada must go1

Wada must go3

Wada must go4

As at 10:00am, the fate of the travellers were unknown as the protesting workers vowed to block the highway, telling the people that they should hold Governor Idris Wada of Kogi state responsible.

To make the matter worse, no security agent or officials of the local government are on ground to appeal to the workers.


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