Plateau United alleges NFF short-changed Kogi United for Adamawa United

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The Nigeria Football Federation is caught in the web of the ongoing promotion fight between Plateau United and Adamawa United, with the former accusing the NFF of working to hand their promotion ticket over to Adamawa United.
The two NNL clubs have ended the season on 29 points from the same number of matches but Plateau United have superior goals difference.

In their final matches, both clubs secured away victories. Plateau United defeated Spotlight 2-1 in Katsina State while Adamawa United won 2-1 against Supereme Court in Abuja.

However, the bone of contention is the protest which Adamawa United have filed against the match in Katsina between Plateau and Spotlight. They are protesting that the matches in Katsina and Abuja did not start at the same time.

They are therefore asking the NFF to order a reply of the Katsina match but Plateau United have since cried foul saying Adamawa have no grounds to make such demand.

In addition, Spotlight FC too have petitioned the same match that they hosted and lost 2-1. NFF has accepted to entertain the protests.

Consequently, Plateau United have accused the NFF of working for Adamawa United. They have also cited the decision of NFF’s Organising and Disciplinary Committee in the case between Kogi United and Adamawa United as another attempt by the NFF to favour the team from Yola.

It will be recalled that three board room points were awarded to Adamawa United after their match against Kogi United in Lokoja was abandoned. Kogi have since appealed the decision.

Plateau United in addition have alleged that NFF officials and the Nigeria National League are working for Adamawa United because they want to be in the good books of the ruling All Progressives Congress and a top government official from the state.

Thus, the Permanent Secretary in Plateau State Ministry of sports, James Dalyop told Daily Trust that Plateau United will not fold their hands and watch anyone take away their promotion ticket.

“It is obvious that all the actions of the NNL and the NFF are geared towards helping Adamawa United. One Kogi United was short changed by the NFF O&D decision. And everybody knows that they have gone on appeal.

“Normally all appeals on issues pertaining to matches are treated before the last set of matches are played. They went ahead and ordered the matches to played so that in the end, they will know how to manipulate things.

“And to tell you that there is desperation and collaboration between Adamawa and the NFF, Adamawa filed a protest against a match played in katsina which they were not part of. Possibly, they now instigated katsina who at the last minute also filed a protest.

“Plateau United have won their match fair and square. The good thing is that the NRA president himself watched the match in Katisna. Instead of writing the protest, Spotlight who descended on the referees after the match should be concerned about the punishment NFF would mete out to them,” he said.

On their part, the NFF through the General Secretary, Dr. Mohammed Sanusi denied all the allegations saying Plateau United is crying wolf where there is none.

“I am very surprised. I find it very difficult to believe that they are behaving like that. The calibre of people who are managing Plateau united should not be associated with such a thing.

“They know that we in NFF are credible people. We cannot bend the rules to favour anyone. We cannot succumb to any pressure. If we do that then there is no hope for football in Nigeria.

“If anybody has written a protest, it is duty bound on us to look into all complaints on the basis of their merit. That does not mean if someone has written and we say we are going to listen to the complaint, then we are favouring someone.

“I for one will not do anything to deliberately suppress or support anyone. Even if it is my father’s team, I cannot do anything in favour of that team against any other team. So I feel terribly bad when I hear people make such statements,” he said

Meanwhile, Plateau United have put on hold their celebration party pending the outcome of the protests before the NFF.