Police Arrest 35 Years Old Teacher In Delta For Assaulting 6 Years Old Girl

A 35-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly trying to rape a 6-year-old pupil in a school in Warri, Delta state.

According to reports, the suspect identified as Lori Tuoyo, a teacher in a private school in Jakpa/Ekpan area – attempted to defile the little girl after luring her into an empty classroom.

The suspect couldn’t complete the criminal act after being interrupted by some noises. He left the pupil with little injury around her private part after failing to penetrate.

Lori was immediately arrested after the police were notified of his action.

Israel Joe, who initiated the suspect’s arrest, wrote;

Lori Tuoyo. He teaches in a particular private school Jakpa/Ekpan area 35 years of age. At the close of school on Friday when the environment was getting mute, he called a little girl of 6 years old to an empty classroom. He undressed the child and also removed his trouser.

For some minutes, he made all effort to penetrate the little child with his manhood closing the mouth of the child. Suddenly he heard some sounds and quickly rearranged himself and told the child she must not tell anyone what had happened.

With little injury and pain on the little girl, she told her sister who reported to their mother and drew the attention of the school authority. According to his own part of the story, he admitted but said he didn’t know what came over him. He also told me he had not yet penetrated before he heard sounds. We took the child for medical checkup and God so kind only injury around her private part was diagnose.

I called the attention of the DPO Ekpan division who in less than five minutes dispatched policemen to where I held him. Thank you progressive DPO. The mother who quickly rushed to the police station confirmed his attitude and was seriously appealing. According to her, she said they have been battling with him over it from one spiritual house to the other but thinking he has been delivered. My response was simple… “Madam, his total deliverance will be done at Okere High Prison”.