Police engages vandals in gun fight during raid on ‘Dark Spots’ in Kogi

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The days of armed robbers and other criminals operating freely in Kogi State are numbered as police authorities have taken the fight to the den of robbers in Lokoja, the State capital.

Just yesterday in the state capital around Peace Community and Ibaji Quarters, Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a special squad against criminality, engaged vandals in a gunfight.

The raid, which took the criminals in the area unawares, resulted in the arrest of house breakers, shoplifters, car snatchers and rapists.

The police said the raid became necessary because cases of armed robbery, house breaking and shoplifting had become rampant in recent times in Lokoja metropolis.

At Sarkin Numa area, a surbub of Lokoja, armed robbers had recently held the residents hostage for almost two hours, dispossessing residents of their properties worth millions of naira.

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