Presidency Defends Tinubu’s Interventions in Rivers Political Crises

The Presidency has defended President Bola Tinubu’s interventions in the political crises in Ondo and Rivers States.

Presidential media aide Ajuri Ngelale believes the actions were necessary and in the right direction.

According to him, there was no way Tinubu would keep quiet and allow crises in states to escalate, especially if it could affect national security.

Ngelale stated the President intervened as Commander-in-Chief to ensure citizens’ safety and stability, so political crises don’t degenerate into insecurity.

He maintained the President was right to step in under such circumstances when a security threat could emanate.

While some observers claimed the interventions undermined the state governments, Ngelale disagreed, saying national cohesion and preventing tensions from spreading were Tinubu’s priorities.

The media aide affirmed the President would continue mediating in intra-party and inter-party disputes in states if left unchecked, the crises could negatively impact the country.

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