Presidency Says Buhari Hasn’t Tampered Ministers’ Salaries

President Muhammadu Buhari flanked by the ministers

[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”5gHHNERp7Hbm4BRRdDtVRIMEvWPKRtl9″Shehu Garba, the presidential media aide, has debunked rumours that Muhammadu Buhari didn’t accepted any adjustment in the salary and allowances of ministers of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Presidential spokesman took to his official Twitter account to react to the recent report detailing the emoluments federal ministers will get.
A letter supposedly the office of Babachir Lawal, the Secretary to the Federal Government, say that ministers are displeased with Buhari over poor salaries.

The report had caused talks that the president had tampered with the compensation of federal ministers.

However, Garba Shehu said: “President Buhari has not tampered with the salaries and allowances of Federal Ministers. They remain as they have been prescribed by the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission under a law passed in 2008.”
After being elected as the leader of the nation President Buhari said he and his vice Yemi Osinbajo would take only half of the salary paid to former head of state Goodluck Jonathan.The annual salary of Nigeria’s former president was set at 14,058,820 naira ($70,000, 63,500 euros), including allowances, according to the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission.

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