Presidency slam APC leaders over crying wolf on Ekiti Guber Polls

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Presidential spokesman Reuben Abati has replied allegations against President Goodluck Jonathan by the All Progressives Congress (APC), describing the party leaders as crying wolf where there is none.

APC chairman John Odigie Oyegun had addressed a press conference on Friday accusing the federal government of using its might to intimidate the opposition ahead of the governorship election in Ekiti State.

Abati said on Friday: “It is absolutely wrong to accuse this administration of repression. If anything, this administration has been most tolerant of opposition and most respectful of everybody’s right of association. This accusation cannot stand at all.

“The Jonathan administration remains committed to democracy and its principles. “Where elections are concerned, it is a matter of public record that President Jonathan is committed to free and fair elections and the integrity of elections. This is in fact one of the major areas of achievements of his administration.

“In Ekiti election and any other election at all, the government is committed to one man, one vote; one woman, one vote; and one youth, one vote which is President Jonathan’s concept.

“At the same time, the security agencies have an obligation to ensure that people who, with their choices, would rather compromise the integrity of the process are not allowed to do so. “Rather than cry wolf where there is none, it is the APC and its leaders that should embark on soul searching.”

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