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The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of theNSC yamut alhassan President Cup Alhassan Yakmut has appealed to corporate sponsors to embrace the tournament which is aimed at discovering hidden talents from the grassroots.

Yamut, who is the Director of Grassroots Sports in the National Sports Commission said the tournament which is intended to outlive any seating President of the country.

“We will only discover those players that have not been discovered “players who have played in any of the NFF organized competitions are disqualified from take part in the tournament at any level. Anyone caught at any stage would be disqualified,” he said.

He said that 30 states have concluded their state finals, while five stages comprising of Enugu, Zamfara, Ogun and Adamawa states are yet to play their finals.

He said that the zonal eliminations would be held from 9th-13th January, while the national finals would begin on 19th January.

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