President Jonathan has no hand in my impeachment plot – Nyako

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Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State on Friday said President Goodluck Jonathan has no hand in the impeachment saga initiated by lawmakers in the state.
Reacting for the first time since the beginning of the imbroglio, Mr. Nyako blamed ‘some senior citizens’ of Adamawa based in Abuja for the political imbroglio bedeviling the state,

“The presidency is not planning a plot to remove me from office contrary to speculations,” he said. “We know that Adamawa state is full of intellectuals, when issues arise, we use different approaches to address it. That is the cause of the political differences we have, but no much outside interference.”

The embattled governor said he has reflected on the allegations levelled against him and found there was nothing serious in them

“I came with certain conclusions of all the issues raised. There is nothing too serious,” he said. “Three months ago, the house itself has passed a verdict praising the administration as transparent and performing well and I don’t want them to lose that faith.”

He said that after carefully studying the situation, he concluded that all the allegations raised were not prosecutable.

“After studying the situation, I came to the conclusion and belief that all the omissions and commissions raised are not prosecutable and are not the type to take somebody to court about whether he is guilty or not guilty,” he said.

Mr. Nyako thanked the workers for their patience in the face of owed salaries. He said he is working to ensure that Economic Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, de-freezes the state’s accounts.

“I plead with the EFCC to de freeze our account, Adamawa is a poor state and depends only on Federal Allocation to pay its salary so that our people can have reprieve during the Ramadan. If that is not successful, I will challenge it in court since a Supreme Court has already said the EFCC has no reason to freeze any account.

“Very soon, all forces of reconciliation will be set in motion. We will use our kinship, traditional and religious leaders to calm down the situation,” Mr. Nyako added.

He debunked insinuations of gross misconduct levelled against his administration. Mr. Nyako said he we will assist the legislature to uncover any fraud in order to entrench good governance in the state.

The Adamawa State Chief Judge on Friday set up a seven-member panel to investigate the allegations levelled against the governor by the lawmakers.

The panel was established following a resolution by 20 of the state’s 25 lawmakers. The panel is expected to be sworn-in soon and its establishment is part of the constitutional procedure for removing an elected governor.