President Jonathan’s second term bid cannot be denied – Group

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A political group, Ijaw Republican Assembly, has described as trivial the ultimatum issued by the Northern Elders Forum demanding the President to bring back the schoolgirls abducted by the Boko Haram sect in Chibok, Borno State, by the end of October or forget about seeking re-election.

Speaking with Punch on Thursday, the spokesperson for the group, Mrs. Annkio Briggs said no amount of pressure from northern leaders and groups across the country would stop President Goodluck Jonathan from contesting for a second term in office come 2015.

She also stated that it was unfortunate that northern elders had decided to politicise the abduction of the Chibok girls and the Boko Haram insurgency.

“Such an ultimatum coming from an elders’ forum is unfortunate because that is a childish way of looking at issues going on in Nigeria, where there is an attack both from within and outside on Nigeria and people are being killed.

“It’s sad that they decided to politicise it by saying if the girls do not return at a certain time, Jonathan should not contest for a second term.

“They can say whatever they like, that is not going to stop Goodluck Jonathan from running for a second term; that will not stop him from being re-elected.” She said.

Briggs added that northern elders had no right to issue such an ultimatum to the President, arguing that past northern leaders were not given ultimatums in that manner.

“The northern elders are in no position to make such a demand, anyway. If that is the way they see it, then it shows where their interest lies. Everything for them is political power. To say Jonathan should not contest because of Boko Haram is very childish.”