Prez Jonathan – BH Can’t Frustrate Govt Efforts, Condemns Yobe School Killings

nig-gejPresident Goodluck Jonathan Sunday condemned the midnight assassination of 21 students of the Yobe State College of Agriculture by the dreaded Boko Haram sect.

The President while speaking at the interdenominational service to mark the 53rd independence anniversary of the country noted that it was depressing that at a time the country is trying to consolidate on progress made so far , some forces are still killing innocent souls.

President Jonathan told the congregation that one can’t describe the latest mass killing as political since none of the slain students could have belonged to any of the political parties.

He added that he was at a loss as to whether to regard the killing as either ethnic or religious.

“Its quite depressing but having listened to Pastor Oritsejafor, you will agree with me that we have hope. By God’s grace, we will get to where we want to be”.

The President noted that the journey of a nation unlike that of an individual, is always cloudy.

He continued, “No group or Boko Haram can frustrate this nation. Nothing can slow down our progress as a nation.

Forces of evil do not want peace or free and fair elections. They only want to continue to impose themselves on the people.

By the time we are through with the power sector privatisation, the success story in the telecoms sector will be replicated there.

The forces of evil will continue to wish us bad but our resolve to succeed with God’s support will continue to push us on.

Our amalgamation was no mistake. We Christians believe God doesn’t make mistake.

Those who want to exploit our diversity to create problems for us will not succeed. We will surely leave this country better than we met it”.

After his speech, the President offered a prayer to mark one year of his declaration of a special prayer for the country.

Earlier in his sermon, the national leader of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor commended the efforts of the Nigerian Military in combating the scourge of terrorism but urged them to do more to protect innocent Nigerians.

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