Prime blast referee Oguntoyinbo for C.O.D defeat

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Prime Football Club has blasted Ekiti State referee, Oguntotinbo Joseph, who was the centre referee in their 1-0 loss to C.O.D Football Club of Lagos in the Week 14 Nigeria National League tie.

prime fc
The Omoluabi Giants media officer, Tunde Shamsudeen, was quoted as saying that the referee aided victory for C.O.D Wednesday evening and made calls against them.

C.O.D got the consolatory goal via substitute attacker, Azeez Mohammed, in the 101 minutes from a counter-attack.

“The referee won the game for C.O.D. The centre referee is not competent and his calls were not fair decisions and that is why Nigeria football will not grow with this win at home syndrome,” the former Anambra United spokesman begins.

“That I am complaining about officiating does not mean I am a bad loser, we have drew matches at our home and lost matches at away with no complains, but referee Oguntoyinbo Joseph is a kill joy. It was a show of shame and the early the NNL rise up to stop the likes of Oguntoyinbo from officiating in the league the better for the growth and development of the game, the centre referee is a disgrace.”

He also urged the Nigeria National League body to watch the tape of the match so as to take a drastic decision to curb referees abnormalities in the league.

“Nigeria National League has been murdered by the centre referee, and the league body should immediately ban the referee from officiating in the league as his continuing presence in the league spells doom for the system,” he enthused.