Prince Abubakar Audu, So Many Things Have Changed Since You Left in 2003 – Olalekan Abidemi

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I read on your reputable website, a news report where former governor of Kogi State, Chief Abubakar Audu claimed that nothing has changed since he left Lugard House in 2003. I wanted to react immediately but waited to see if Chief Audu will be enticed once again to occupy Lugard House. I also read on your news site that Chief Audu has decided to run for governorship again and I told myself, ‘the time to tell Chief Audu the home truth has come’.
First, let me notify Chief Audu that Kogites no longer have a governor who is omniscient and omnipotent. We no longer hear boot-lickers calling a governor who is feeding fat on resources names like, ‘Lion of Middlebelt’, ‘Prince of the Niger’, ‘Messiah’, ‘Prince of Peace’ just to mention a few.

Going straight to point, I wish to inform Chief Audu that so many things have changed in our dear Kogi state since God answered our prayers and brought his proud and haughty kingdom down to ashes in 2003.

Sir, while you ruled as governor in Kogi state between 1992-94 and 1999-2003, it will be recalled that inspite of the availability of river Niger and river Benue, water failed to flow in our taps. Lokoja, the state capital, was a glorified village as residents depend solely on Mai-Ruwas for daily water needs. Sir, ask people who know more about Kogi state and kindly confirm that water now runs in our taps. It was no magic, a ‘mere carpenter’ did what you could not do. Sir, water now flows in most homes and office in Lokoja; Things have changed since you left.

My dear Chief Audu, during your reign as Imperial Governor of Kogi State between 1999-2003, civil servants had their worst working experience. You illegally refused to pay civil servants April 2001 salary claiming you used it for infrastructural development. You ‘stole’ their salaries without their consent and it is on record that you did not forfeit a single month salary or allowance as Governor as personal sacrifice for development, rather we hear that EFCC is looking for our missing N11billion kept in your care. During your reign within that four years, you never paid leave bonus to our long-suffering fathers and mothers. Sir, let me tell you what those hibernating under the shadow of your wings will not tell you, an ‘illiterate carpenter’ came after you had left and he paid the April salary you ‘stole’ and the outstanding leave bonuses. Since you left, Kogi civil servants have had a better deal. Sir, Things have changed since you left!

High Chief Abubakar Audu, your appointments were highly lopsided when you reigned as Governor. Most parts of the state complained bitterly for lack of representation in your cabinet but you turned a deaf ear. Today, each of the 21 LGAs in Kogi state have representation in the state executive council. Chief Audu, the truth is; Things have changed since you left!

Our royal fathers, fathers and mothers all come turn by turn to prostrate before your imperial majesty just to request for a common transformer for their communities! I still remember how the late Chief Mike Adeleye led Yagba East elders to prostrate before you like agama lizards just to get a share of tax payers money in your care. You ran Kogi state like a personal estate. You were the alpha and the omega. Workers in government house still recall the horror experienced when you called the shots in Lugard House. When your convoy moves even inside the government house, everyone must run away or face the wall, Haba! Even military juntas were better! Pa Audu, THINGS HAVE CHANGED SINCE YOU LEFT!

Chief Audu, has anyone told you that political office holders in Kogi State now wear Agbadas freely? Yes, we are free-born and not slaves. We remember how you reduced your deputy governor and appointees to mere slaves. Anyone who dare use a good car or wear common Agabada is viewed as competing with your majesty. Bros, all that have changed since you left.

Chief Audu, the average worker in Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja which you wilfully neglected during your reign will tell you to your face that Things have changed since you left. Sport sector has witnessed a significant improvement since you left sir.

I am not saying all this to discourage you from contesting again, as usual but be rest assured that Kogites will tell you that Things have changed since you left with their PVCs.
Between 1999-2003 when you reigned supreme, you told your praise-singers to introduce you as ‘The First and Second Executive Governor of Kogi State’. Peradventure you win 2015 governorship election, how will you be introduced since we’ve had third and fourth executive governors of Kogi state? I hope we won’t hear, ‘The First, Second and Last Executive Governor of Kogi State’.

Chief Audu, everywhere in the world people prefer FREEDOM to SLAVERY. Walahi, Things have Changed Since You Left in 2003!
Olalekan Abidemi writes from Lokoja