Prodigal Son: Bash Ali apologises to Jonathan, Abdullahi

World Cruiserweight boxing champion, Bash Ali yesterday apologised to President Goodluck Jonathan and the Minister of Sports Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi for all that transpired in the course of his efforts to get the Bash Ali Guinness Book of Record Fight holds in Nigeria.

Tendering the apology at a media parley in Abuja yesterday, Bash, who was accompanied to the media parley by promoter Otunba Benson Bamidele Akingboye and his lawyer, said he expects the duo to equally pardon him by approving of the great fight to hold in Nigeria.

He said: “I want to right here tender my unreserved apology to anybody that I must have hurt in the process of trying to bring honour, glory and money to my country, especially President Goodluck Jonathan and the Minister of Sports Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi.”

The cruiserweight champion, who explained that Nigeria would gain at least N500 million, in addition to five comprehensive sports academies and sports equipments manufacturing company, said the only thing needed from the Federal Government is provide the enabling environment for the fight to take place.

“George Foreman did it in his country, and I want to fight here in Nigeria. The only thing we want the Federal Government of Nigeria to do is to provide enabling environment, nothing says the Federal Government should give Bash Ali one kobo. Let the Federal Government go ahead and inaugurate the LOVC for the fight,” Bash said.

Bash, who explained that his personal ambition is to crown his career by becoming the oldest boxer to win a fight in the world, however said wining the Guinness Book of Record Fight would not mark the end of his boxing career, as he intends to move into the heavyweight category, after which he would retire and go into politics.

“I want to crown my career by becoming the oldest boxer to win a fight, but I don’t intend to retire after the fight, I will move onto the heavyweight category after which I will retire from boxing and go into politics and become the President of Nigeria,” he said.

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