Punch Chair, Aboderin Counsels youths on Self Development

Chairman of Punch Nigeria Limited, Mr. Wale Aboderin, has urged Nigerian youths to aim at being the best in all they do, saying it will enable them to establish themselves as unique brands.

Aboderin said this on Saturday in Lagos as a guest speaker at the Role Model Forum of the Centre for Value in Leadership.

He said young people needed to be determined to succeed against all odds.

“Everybody likes to associate with champions. Where do those champions come from? They are people who struggled when they were very young to become somebody against all odds. If you have mapped out your goals, why would you allow anybody to stop you? You must always find a way to do what you want to do; what you believe in,” he said.

Aboderin also advised the youth to cultivate a habit of excellence.

He stressed the need for learning, saying the Internet had made it easier for people to develop capacity in any field of endeavour.

“It is not compulsory that everybody should go to the university to learn, but it is compulsory to learn. The first thing you need to learn to do is to take care of yourself inside and out. If you learn to take care of yourself, work hard and be happy with the result, then you don’t have to work hard to get favour from people,” Aboderin said.

He added that people needed to set their priorities right and differentiate between their wants and their needs.

Aboderin shared his experiences while training as a pilot, rehabilitating drug addicts as a founding member of the Board of Trustees, Word of Life Drug Rehablitation Centre; and helping young women through his Dolphins Basketball Foundation.

He said through all his experiences, he had learnt that “if a person is useful to others, God will keep him alive.”

Other speakers at the forum were the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at Guinness Nigeria Plc, Mr. Seni Adetu; and Director, Lagos Resource Centre, Mrs. Bridget Itsueli.

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