“Pursue The Life Of Sacrifice, Service And Selflessness” – Pastor W.F. Kumuyi

The general superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry and Deeper Life Bible Church worldwide, Pastor WF Kumuyi has called on Nigerians to be united in their diversity, pursue the life of sacrifice, service and selflessness.

Pastor Kumuyi, who made the call on Sunday while delivering his sermon to conclude the covenant Sunday services in January, stressed that unity is a key roadmap if the country must make meaningful progress.

The renown man of God gave the titled of his message as, “The Believer’s Roadmap for Constant Victory”, and took his text from the book of Roman’s 8:1-21.

The message which was preached live from Lagos, was transmitted through the satellite to worshippers across Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

He said, “We need unity and not uniformity. Uniformity means everybody dressing the same way, everybody looks the same way, everybody talks the same way. What we need at anytime like this is unity. You look at the hands is different from the legs, the ears different from the eyes.

“It is not uniformity, but they are all United together. Its like driving a car, while driving the car, the hands are doing their part, the hands are doing their part, the ear is listening for any external thing and your ayes are watching. All those members are not uniform, but they are united. This Church will be united, the member will be united. This nation will be united. It is in that unity in diversity that we are going to make progress.”

He said, as the body has different members and have their respective functions, it is in the same vein that everyone is expected to function in their office

While urging worshippers to dedicate themselves to the life of sacrifice, service and selflessness this year and beyobd, he sub-divided his sermon into three parts such as, the compatible sacrifice of separated believers, the consecrated service of sanctified believers and the Christlike selflessness of spiritual believers.

Concluding his sermon, Pastor Kumuyi further called on Nigerians to make their lives productive and progressive by being selfless, urging them to be considerate instead of being cruel, complementing and not competing, supporting and not struggling with one another, commending and not complaining and praying and not being problematic.