Quadri Aruna decries selective justice by World Table Tennis

Africa’s number one Table Tennis player, Quadri Aruna has expressed his displeasure over the injustice meted out to him by the World Table Tennis, (WTT) for missing two major tournaments.

The African Games’ silver medallist revealed that his crime is being an African who has maintained Top 20 in the World.

Aruna in a post on his social media page quoted as saying “Two ranking penalties in two consecutive months plus monetary penalty” said such injustice would not be acceptable.

The Commonwealth Silver medallist said, “My first sin is because I was sick with chronic diarrhea. I was not able to participate in the World Championships in Korea and I could not get a doctor’s report on time while on sick bed.

“My appeal was rejected because I am black, from Nigeria and Africa.

“My second sin is because I decided to represent my club that is paying me a salary: I could not participate in the WTT CHAMPIONSHIP in Korea. Meanwhile, I informed WTT one month before the start of the WTT CHAMPIONSHIP in Korea that I had a club engagement.

“It’s really now a sin to come from Africa, Nigeria, and to be a black player and stay in the top 20.

“All of these penalties come from WTT. Such an injustice is totally unacceptable and should not be waived,” he queried.